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TSI has helped us identify new market opportunities and innovative product offerings for our holdings in both Michigan and Arizona. Over the last ten years, we've worked with TSI to prioritize our best opportunities. Determining the best strategies for entering new markets and exiting mature ones has led to outstanding growth and profitability.

David Holmes
Partner, Phoenix Properties, L.L.C.
Core Services

Organizational Blueprinting

The TSI Consulting® Organizational Blueprinting Process translates an organization's vision, mission, and strategy into a workable organizational structure. It is a tool-driven process that a cross-section of leaders uses to align organizational structure and staffing with strategic requirements.

The completed organizational blueprint provides a concise description of "how the organization needs to work" to implement the strategy and guides the leadership team in implementing any needed organizational changes. It:

  • Identifies and resolves problems/gaps in the current organizational structure
  • Clarifies how work will be performed and managed
  • Provides a basis for developing the new organizational structure, including:
    • Hard elements (such as what core processes are essential)
    • Soft elements (such as what the future culture will be like)
  • Determines the future staffing requirements, including:
    • What roles will be necessary
    • What traits and skills are critical for the people filling those roles
  • Outlines the organization's critical systems-such as human resources or information technology
  • Gives leadership a way of thinking about the future organization and provides them with a way of measuring progress toward becoming that organization
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