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TSI has helped us identify new market opportunities and innovative product offerings for our holdings in both Michigan and Arizona. Over the last ten years, we've worked with TSI to prioritize our best opportunities. Determining the best strategies for entering new markets and exiting mature ones has led to outstanding growth and profitability.

David Holmes
Partner, Phoenix Properties, L.L.C.
Core Services

Strategic Mapping

The TSI Consulting® Strategic Mapping Process is a facilitated process which helps an organization's leadership develop its strategy. It results in clear strategic focus, strong agreement by the leadership team, and a well-defined path for implementing the strategy.

Strategic mapping is part of the Formulation Stage of strategic effectiveness. TSI consultants lead participants through this process in which they:

  • Assess the current situation - summarizing the organization's strengths, areas of needed improvement, and the critical issues it will face in the next three to five years.
  • Confirm organizational mission/vision.  These statements outline why an organization exists, its fundamental purpose.  They provide broad and enduring context for an organization's strategy.
  • Identify the central challenge that the organization faces. This challenge provides a focal point for strategy, defining what the organization must do to succeed.
  • Formulate a strategic map that outlines the strategic priorities of the organization and specific objectives that support those priorities.
  • Create a clear path to implementation that includes developing the results, timelines and accountabilities that guide implementation.
  • Identify the key steps in communicating the strategy to the organization and its various stakeholders.
The Strategic Map
The strategic map is a critical outcome of TSI's strategic mapping process. It is a one-page visual display of strategy which:

  • Provides focus and forces choices
  • Is very simple to use, yet sufficiently detailed to represent the strategy
  • Results in alignment and commitment to the strategy
  • Facilitates communication throughout the organization
  • Supports strategy review and adjustment

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