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"TSI has helped MGH Institute of Health Professions through two strategic planning cycles. Unlike many consultants, they did not arrive with a predetermined boilerplate of what our institutional priorities should be. Rather, their approach is one of "guide and facilitate," not dictate. TSI's consultants were masterful in drawing out the voices of even the quietest members of our faculty and staff, engaging them in the process of defining our core challenge, strategic priorities, and eventual action plans, and thus ensuring that the final product - our "strategic map" - reflects the Institute community's collective will, vision, and plans for the future. As one of our academic leaders said - "They are the first consultants we've worked with who 'get' who we are."

Janis P. Bellack
President, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Our Work

Client Successes

Since 2005, TSI has worked in partnership with a leading public health association to facilitate strategic planning processes for over 25 state, local and territorial health departments. In addition to developing enterprise-wide strategies, TSI has facilitated public health planning for health equity, public health preparedness and emergency response, among other initiatives. Public health departments have found TSI's approach to strategy formulation and effective implementation particularly valuable within the current public health funding environment and as public health departments prepare for the national voluntary accreditation process.
TSI has joined with a leading academic medical center to develop strategy for a groundbreaking initiative in urban health. Medical staff and community-based stakeholders are partnering to innovate in health care, research and discovery, and education to make measurable improvements in the long-term health of the urban community. TSI has a multi-year relationship with leadership to formulate and communicate the strategy, provide team-based implementation support, and assist with ongoing review and adaptation of the strategy to keep pace with the dynamic rate of change.
TSI worked with a Fortune 250 food company to revitalize its research and development efforts. This assignment included formulation and implementation of R&D strategy, improving leadership effectiveness throughout the R&D organization, and realigning the R&D organization's systems and processes to support achievement of the strategy. Results included a greater number of new products introduced, an increased success rate in products launched, and effective support of a corporate strategy of product innovation.
TSI facilitated a strategic planning process for a major non-profit international public health organization operating in over 70 countries worldwide. This process included strategy formulation; implementation planning and support to develop and align the operational plans of its internal departments and global field offices with the organization's plan; development of a global communications plan; and creation of a monitoring and measurement plan to track the effectiveness of implementation.
TSI partnered with the executives of a major health system in a multi-year effort to develop a value-based approach to leadership. Responsibilities included system-wide process design and implementation and resulted in a framework for thinking about the value-based leadership, methods for implementing it at the system, regional, and organizational levels, and tools to make the process self-sustaining.
TSI worked with one of the ten largest U.S. philanthropies to design and implement organizational core processes. Responsibilities included integration of operating systems and structures in Latin America with headquarters in the United States.
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