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Strategic Effectiveness

TSI has helped us identify new market opportunities and innovative product offerings for our holdings in both Michigan and Arizona. Over the last ten years, we've worked with TSI to prioritize our best opportunities. Determining the best strategies for entering new markets and exiting mature ones has led to outstanding growth and profitability.

David Holmes
Partner, Phoenix Properties, L.L.C.
Strategic Effectiveness

Why Strategic Efectiveness Works

The key to the TSI Consulting® Strategic Effectiveness Model is its focus on goal achievement, rather than just goal setting. This approach was founded on a thorough understanding of the results our clients achieved after working with TSI on strategic planning.

In analyzing the outcomes of over 100 clients, we learned that those with the highest strategic effectiveness had mastered the following practices:
  • Quickly formulating a "good enough" strategic plan
  • Moving immediately to implementation--because implementation is a much better teacher than more planning
  • Effectively reviewing progress--being brutally honest about what was working and what wasn't with their strategy
  • Making real-time adjustments on:
    • What was working
    • What was not working
    • How the world had changed
  • Focusing on results, not activities-seeing the profound difference between being busy and delivering valuable outcomes

The TSI Consulting® Strategic Effectiveness Model is based on these core practices. We've learned that the key to success isn't endless planning-but rather, efficient and effective planning that leads to immediate implementation and periodic adjustments as conditions change.
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