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"TSI has been a valued partner as PHAB developed and launched voluntary national public health accreditation. TSI facilitated strategy formulation for PHAB from its exploratory phase through its transition to an ongoing enterprise. We regularly engage TSI to help us review and update our strategy to ensure PHAB can successfully deliver and promote the value of PHAB accreditation. TSI has also served as strategy formulation resource to a range of public health departments as they prepare themselves to apply for accreditation."

Kaye Bender
President and CEO, Public Health Accreditation Board
Who We Are

About Us

In working with many hundreds of clients over the years, we've learned that the key to effectiveness for any organization - regardless of size or industry - is its ability to set the right goals and consistently achieve them. This insight led to the TSI model of strategic effectiveness and our passion for helping clients develop and implement sound strategy. TSI's consultants are experts in leveraging our clients' internal expertise to help them consistently achieve the goals they set.

How TSI Improves Effectiveness

We use a simple yet powerful process that:
  • Guides structured and efficient decision-making
  • Focuses on results, not endless planning
  • Uses expert facilitation to go deeper and surface new opportunities
  • Results in a clear and focused direction that is easy to communicate and understand
  • Builds strong agreement and commitment to the strategy throughout the organization
  • Connects strategy formulation to implementation early in the process - so clients maintain momentum and are best positioned for success

TSI is a Michigan corporation founded in 1984.

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