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Who We Are

"TSI has been a valued partner as PHAB developed and launched voluntary national public health accreditation. TSI facilitated strategy formulation for PHAB from its exploratory phase through its transition to an ongoing enterprise. We regularly engage TSI to help us review and update our strategy to ensure PHAB can successfully deliver and promote the value of PHAB accreditation. TSI has also served as strategy formulation resource to a range of public health departments as they prepare themselves to apply for accreditation."

Kaye Bender
President and CEO, Public Health Accreditation Board
Who We Are

Our Approach

TSI's approach to strategy is based on a set of fundamental principles we've validated and refined in hundreds of client engagements:
  • There's no such thing as the perfect strategic plan - and trying to develop one wastes significant time, money and energy.
  • In trying to formulate solid strategy, sometimes organizations get stuck in a "planning loop." When this happens, they resist moving to implementation.
  • Strong alignment and commitment to a "good enough" strategy - one that is strategically sound yet efficiently developed - is the best path to strategic effectiveness.
  • Quickly putting your plan into action is critical, because implementation is a much better teacher than more planning.
  • "Good enough" strategies improve during implementation because they are flexible enough to adapt based on what works, what doesn't, and how the world keeps changing.

What Is A "Good Enough" Strategy?

A "good enough" strategy:
  • Allows the team to move forward with clear strategic direction and aligned intent
  • Isn't perfect-- but has "90% agreement" of the leadership team
  • Provides a sound basis to move immediately to implementation
  • Is flexible enough to improve over time, as the plan is reviewed and adjustments are made


How We Help Our Clients Succeed

  • TSI has a powerful and efficient planning process that quickly aligns leadership behind a "good enough" strategic plan that's implementation-ready in days rather than weeks or months.
  • TSI consultants are seasoned experts with years of experience in business strategy.
  • TSI's principals lead every client engagement from start to finish. Our experienced senior consultants are our competitive advantage and our clients' key to complete satisfaction.

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